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Our Founder

About Ziad H. Noshie


      A first-generation jeweler who was born in Ghana, West Africa, Ziad Noshie’s passion for jewelry and gemstones was stimulated by his upbringing. Having grown up in the diamond trade, he quickly developed an affinity not only for diamonds, but for colored gemstones and the fabrication of jewelry as well. Mr. Noshie studied jewelry design and manufacturing in 1966 at what is now the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas, and continued to refine his skills on his own.

      In 2005 Mr. Noshie was inducted into the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Circle of Honor for his donation of the Quetzal, a jeweled bird objet d’art, to the GIA’s Collection. Quetzal, which took 11 months to handcraft, is a 3-dimensional, life-sized replica of Guatemala’s national bird. Quetzal can be found perched on a branch of Moroccan black coral at its home in the main rotunda of the GIA Museum in Carlsbad, California.

      In addition to jewelry design, Mr. Noshie is an accomplished vinter who has won numerous awards for his wine. Like his award winning jewelry designs, Mr. Noshie does not sell his wine, preferring to generously share it with family, friends and clients.

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